The Effects of Marketing Mix Elements on Brand Equity

Author: Edo Rajh

Research Associate, The Institute of Economics, Zagreb

Croatian Economic Survey 2005


The structural model of the effects of marketing mix elements on brand equity is defined in line with the existing theoretical findings. Research hypotheses are defined according to the identified structural model. In order to test the defined structural model and research hypotheses empirical research was conducted on the sample of undergraduate students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb. Research results indicate that the structural model has an acceptable level of fit to the empirical data. The estimated structural coefficients and indirect effect coefficients indicate the direction and intensity of effects of each analysed element of marketing mix on brand equity. Finally, implications of research results for the theory and practice of brand management are analysed and discussed.
Keywords: brand equity, brand, strategic brand management, marketing mix

Full Text:the-effects-of-marketing-mix-elements-on-brand-equity1

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    This is the result of the study, so anybody can foolow up this study.

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