Design of the PromoPad: an Automated Augmented Reality Shopping Assistant

Author: Wei Zhu*, Charles B. Owen*, Hairong Li**, Joo-Hyun Lee**

*Department of Computer Science and Engineering, **Department of Advertising in Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan, USA


Augmented reality technologies as a new way of human computer interaction make possible real-time modification of our perception of reality without active user interference. This paper introduces the prototype of an augmented reality shopping assistant device, the PromoPad, based on a hand-held Tablet PC allowing see-through vision with augmentations. While this new interaction utilizing augmented reality that places products into contextual settings can enhance shopping experience and suggest complementary products, it also has challenges and issues to be used in a public environment such as a store setting. This paper discusses the design and implementation of the PromoPad, and addresses the issues and possible solutions. The concept of dynamic contextualization is further investigated in this setting with a list of possible context modifications and their relation to advertising and the psychology of consumer purchasing.

Keywords: Augmented reality, human computer interaction, dynamic contextualization

Full Text: increasing-sales-in-supermarkets-via-real-time-information-about

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1 Response to Design of the PromoPad: an Automated Augmented Reality Shopping Assistant

  1. nic mitham says:


    Dimishing context is an incredibly powerful tool – seeing the woods for the trees! And, takes on an even more powerful commercial) aspect when considering brands paying for preference.

    Great stuff.

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