Author: Ulfah Maria

Thesis, Program Studi Psikologi Minat Utama Psikologi Perkembangan Kelompok Bidang Ilmu-ilmu Sosial, Universitas Gajah Mada Yogyakarta, 2007


The research was aimed to find out the role of family harmony perception and self-concept on the tendency of adolescent’s delinquency. The subjects were students from SMP N 20 in Surakarta, Central Java. 120 students completed the questionnaires but only 117 sets of questionnaire which completed and were the research characteristics. Purposive sampling technique was used to determine the sample of the research. The characteristics of the research subject were: (1) the ages of thirteen and sixteen years-old, (2) living with both of their parents, (3) male or female, (4) not a single child. The instrumens were scale of tendency of adolescent’s delinquency, perception of family harmony scale, and self-concept scale. The responses of questionnaires used 4- likert point. Data analysis method used in this research was regression analysis. Hypothesis shows that family harmony and self-concept gave contribution to the tendency of adolescent’s delinquency. The result of suitable with stepwise regression gave value of coefficient correlation F-reg = 30.600, p < 0.01 and coefficient determinant R2 = 0.377 or 37.7 %. The result was significant so that the hypothesis was accepted. The conclusion is there was the role of family harmony perception and selfconcept on the tendency of adolescent ’s delinquency. Effective contribution from self-concept was 30.5% and family harmony was 7.2%.

Keywords : perception family harmony, self-concept, tendency of adolescent’s delinquency

Full Text: tesis_ulfah20maria

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