Alcohol Addiction

alkohol1As few as 10 years ago, with the decreasing popularity of cocaine, national surveys documented encouraging trends towards decreased drug use and there seemed to be a glimmer of light (hope) at the end of the tunnel. Shortly thereafter, heroin made a come back and worked its way into mainstream America, especially with the youth and unfortunately it is still going strong. Then came Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Club Drugs, and a host of prescription drugs, all of which are highly addictive. One of the most commonly used drugs of them all, alcohol comes in many
different forms like wine, beer and spirits. Addicts sometimes turn to extreme forms like chemical alcohol or meths. When it is used in high, it helps people relax socially. They can become more animated and it can appear to drown worries.

According to Webster’s Dictionary Addiction is the quality or state of being addicted. Whereas, alcohol Addiction, or dependence, is defined as having at least 3 of the following signs: a tolerance for alcohol (needing increased amounts to achieve the same effect), withdrawal symptoms, taking alcohol in larger amounts that was intended or over a longer period of time than was intended, having a persistent desire to decrease or the inability to decrease the amount of alcohol consumed, spending a great deal of time attempting to acquire alcohol, and finally, continuing to use alcohol even though the person knows there are reoccurring physical or psychological problems being caused by the alcohol.

Once an individual arrives at this addiction, there is a slight to zero chance he or she can successfully turn around on their own volition, and will in fact need help drug rehab, that consist of  assistance, guidance, and treatment or more commonly referred to as “rehabilitation.” This can be got in drug rehab center in which provides the best drug rehab program that should serves as a support center for its applicants. If they do not receive successful rehabilitation at this point, they will continue to move backwards in life and will most likely manage to get themselves in a structured environment that physically removes them from the drug so they can not continue killing themselves.

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