Dampak Respon Emosi Terhadap Kecenderungan Perilaku Pembelian Impulsif Konsumen Online dengan Sumberdaya yang Dikeluarkan dan Orientasi Belanja Sebagai Variabel Mediasi


Hatane Semuel
Dosen Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya


This research has an aim of examining the influence of emotional responses towards the impulsive buying behavior tendency from the online consumers, as a result of direct advertisement’s stimulus. Online Stimulus advertisement is formatted through a kind of audio-visual media format, picture animation, and picture text. The main purpose of this research is focused on the format shape of online medium, however, as a compare,  brochures are usually used as one of offline mediums. The format of research use factorial experimental design with the online and offline medium as the factor.
Besides, to evaluate indirect impacts of emotional response to the impulsive buying behavior tendency, it has used resources expenditure, recreation and convenience shopping oriented which are intervening variables. The results of this research shows that there are different of stimulus impacts between offline and online medium formats. It has been found that the format of online medium has stronger stimulus effect than the offline one. Although, online format medium has stronger stimulus total effect, but still the format of audio visual medium and text of picture has stronger effect than the form of picture animation. The other finding, The resources expenditures has a positive intervening between emotional responses towards recreation shopping oriented but has negative intervening towards convenience shopping oriented. This can be clearly seen on the format of audio visual and picture animation medium. The result of the same analysis has proven that convenience shopping oriented is a positive intervening between emotional response and impulsive buying behavior tendency but recreation shopping oriented has negative impact.
Keywords: online buying, impulsive buying, online medium, shopping oriented.


Full Text: Dampak Respon Emosi

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