Harry Kravits is as usual the human being. He wants to get avowal of his presence in this world. Yet, the fate is not like his willing. He was born from the mix marriage that is his father is a Jewish and his mother a Christian. The bad of those is that the Jewish is the minority in Craig Head, North Carolina. Therefore he should hide his family herritage. When the people know that he is a Jew he get the very bad treatment that he never can forget it until he is adult. Therefore, when he moves to New York and gets his popularity he is not willing to lose it again. The way to hold out is by covering and keeping his secret very closely. If there is someone know about his bad side, he will attempt to get away him/her from this life.

The other bad side is about his behavior that as if he want to reveal that exactly he is the really gently man. It is because he ever getting insult and very bad treatment from his friends about his sexuality when he was still teenage. It happens when he is in Craig Head and the other begun knowing his original identity, a Jewish. Thus he rapes even the little girl, and when he is on the unstable situation he will hurt other, even kill.

In spite of those bad behavior, exactly Harry Kravitz would like having a normal life, but the define decree is not like his wishing. That exactly Harry Kravitz’s behavior which tends to be an abnormal is due to his past experience. His childhood that is in bad dark day. As a Jewish that is the minor in North Carolina, his family must cover it closely in order that does not get bad treatment from other. But when his aunt, Darcy Levy comes to Craig Head, he does not hidden this secret, so people know who they are. Then Harry get the very bad treatment from his friend. This experience makes him know how to hold out and defend his existence in this life, that is by keep his secret closely by himself. In his mind is only there is the way how to maintain his existence. Therefore he always wants to get away people who is regarded will make him get down. Even though exactly his deep heart would nod to do, but he must, because he does not want to repeat his bad dark day, his bad childhood.

The behavior of Harry Kravitz of course makes impact to other, to his life, his wives and his son. All people in his surrounding get impact of his preference that tends to be an abnormal, in upset, they are Caron, Sheila and Josh and the most is his life himself. He needs a psychologist, but he cannot do because it will influence his reputation. Some people will know about who exactly he is. So he just keeps all his bad secrets in his mind. He solves his problem by his way himself, because the most important for him is how to save his reputation that he has reached.

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