REPOSISI CITRA MELALUI LOGO: Studi Kasus Perubahan Logo PT Pos Indonesia


Dosen Jurusan Seni Rupa dan Desain
Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni – Universitas Negeri Surabaya

NIRMANA Vol. 4, No. 1, Januari 2002: 62 – 72


Logograph is a method of representing some ideal values, involving some aspects such as: visions and missions, working scopes, and identifying cultures of business companies, which playing roles in representing the facial features of any institutions or any business companies. As a symbolic language, it is common that a logograph is typified in a symbol, which is reflecting certain images that are deliberately built by concerned institutions or business companies. When a company is wishing to build a new image, it is necessarily to reposition the prevailed image that has been shaped in the community. Changing the appearance of the logotype of the company can make the reposition of the images. As a symbolic language, logos can be made up as a meant to disseminate any certain ideologies. When there have to be undertaken to uniform the applications of any certain ideological symbols upon any institutional or organisational logotypes, so that it can be achieving some ideological hegemony through the use of logos. And when those ideologies cannot be imaged adequately good enough, and their power structures cannot provide sufficient hegemonic supports, then those hegemonic representational symbols are attempted to be eliminated to build new images.

Keywords: Reposition, images, logotype.


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2 Responses to REPOSISI CITRA MELALUI LOGO: Studi Kasus Perubahan Logo PT Pos Indonesia

  1. topanblogs says:

    saya bisa dapet data yg lebih lengkap???
    data ini untuk skripsi saya
    kirim aja ke
    terima kasih

  2. alhusna says:

    Bisa mas, nt saya emailkan. tp ebenarnya mas topan bisa klik di Full Text itu, nanti langsung load isi jurnalnya .

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